Oily matters G 300

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Aug 11, 2005
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Long shot.

Not long after I had my 1994 G 300 petrol, it was dripping oil on my drive.

A new head gasket was fitted and the dripping abated. A bit.

However. 12 months later.

It still deposits oil drips. Not a lot but enough to annoy.

It has 5w 40 oil in it - as per modern MB

Does anyone know what MB specified when it was new and would thicker oil not be able to exploit leak prone areas in an old engine?
I've always gone with 10w40 in this vintage of MB engines.
10W30 is thinner than 5W40.

I can't believe MB would have been specifying an XW50 oil in 1994 but regardless I doubt thicker oil would cure the leak.

It depends where the leak is from. If it's a seal you could try one of the high mileage oils which contain more seal swell additives than normal oil.
Thanks chaps.

Never heard of "High Mileage" oils. Can anyone give me a steer?
There is high mileage version of Castrol GTX 5W40 and there must be others.
Well first off it begs the question where it leaking from?
If you rolled into my shop the first thing would be to wash it all off (power wash) and then do a road test and find the source of the leak--Then fix it!
Say that is going to expensive, oil is cheap enough, & what level of repair can I put you down for Sir?
These engines are not prone to being Torrey Canyons---(showing my age here) and they are not likely LR Disco 1's --(Pee'd oil)
So the fix is do able!
All the bests
Tuercas Viejas.

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