om602 throttle return sticking


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Jan 18, 2015
Hiya peeps, my first post on here, hi everyone.
Just bought a 1995 TN with the OM602 n/a engine.
Drove it 300 miles home, very very very slow, had a poke around and the throttle cable was badly adjusted, and only giving 1/2 throttle.
Adjusted it, runs a bit better, so went out last nite on a 200 mile mission, just before i arrived home, throttle jammed open on roundabout!
Temporary bodge with elastic bands got be home.
Linkage seemed stiff (van only done 200 mile in last 6+ years), lubed it up, removed the damper, but the throttle control arm is not returning, there is no spring tension.
Do the pumps on these have a return spring, or is it just the accelerator pedal spring that returns the mechanism?
Is there a easy solution? I though about putting a spring on control arm and bolting it to control arm bracket, but, id rather it was done correctly.
Thanks in advance folks.

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