om606 turbo diesel running temp?

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Jun 12, 2013
NSW Australia
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Hi from Australia
My newly purchased w210 om606 turbo diesel warm up time is nearly 2x my 124 om603 na even on a hot day
Running temps of the 606 are rarely above 80c with ac on a 36 deg c day.

The 603 regularly goes up to 95 deg c ( I understand that is normal ) with new ...(thermostat, radiator and thermal rad fan clutch) and electric fan running AND ac operating.
I was going to check out the 606 radiator thermostats correct operation.
Are these temps in the 606 normal?
Cheers Peter

80C seems normal but some do go above 90C as well. If it is taking very long to warm up then I'd say your thermostat requires changing.

Here in UK we had some sub-zero temperature cold weather and our C220 CDI OM 646 took around 15-20 minutes to warm up (that is stop/start city traffic conditions). It warms up even quicker if no traffic.

We changed the thermostat on our CDI because it was taking ages to warm up before (around 30 minutes stop/start traffic).

Thermostat is not hard to change and the part is not very expensive either here in the UK (£50 for OM 646 engine). Always use genuine MB part and coolant.

Hope this helps.

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So my 606 warm up time in summer is maybe 10min to running temp.So realistically not too slow comparatively speaking
The 603 is easily half that.

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