One Tidy Engine Bay ...

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May 7, 2007
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Not much to see here!

I quite like the look of that; everything you might need to check is accessible, and anything you shouldn't be touching unless you're confident in what you're doing is out of sight.
Ha, that would be a cool feature!

That bay would be a joy to keep clean. Not sure how welcome it is to the service tech though...
That's a great selling tool. Can you imagine the typical American sales executive at the Lexus garage saying " hey , wait till I show you this. Mercedes can't do this Sir"
That neat enough to warrant laminated glass bonnet.

Although not very safe for a pedestrian.

That neat enough to warrant laminated glass bonnet.

Although not very safe for a pedestrian.


Or perspex, as Greased Lightning?

Most of the Lexus bigger engines are finished the same my last one you could of eaten your dinner off. Now whats for dinner?
Lump of dirty Jap cr@p , hidden under a plastic cover .

Most broken down cars at the roadside are Japs , they're uninspiring to drive , not much to commend them at all .
I don't care much about polls ; most of the roadside breakdowns I see are Japs , the scrapyards are full of them ; you don't see many older Japanese cars on the roads ( because they have mostly been scrapped ) ; sitting in them , they are poorly built with little or no substance - just close the doors ; the interiors are acres of bland plastic .

They may be cheap to buy in the first place , but cheapness is a false economy : buy cheap and you buy twice ; quality endures long after the price is forgotten .

I survived a bad crash in 1978 thanks to the engineering integrity of Mercedes-Benz - how many posters can say the same re a Japanese car , most of which fold up like a pack of cards on impact ?

I'll stick with German engineering .
Bit like the Remain campaigners, mind you if the poll had gone the other way....
Mattias Vöcks Volvo Amazon


is an example of a clean & tidy engine bay

Plastic engine covers are the automotive equivilant of sweeping everything under the rug and that Lexus example just takes it further... stuffing everything behind the sofa, under the bed etc. Looks great at a glance until you need to find/get at something

The only useful thing engine covers do is reduce noise which is probably a mute point for many given the number of people that want to stick bright red air filters and fart cannons on a c200 diesel :devil:
The Volvo engine is a beautiful thing to look at.

Bit more work involved in keeping the Volvo's engine bay clean than the Lexus mind.
hotrodder said:
The only useful thing engine covers do is reduce noise which is probably a mute point for many

Pun of the day!
Well said Hotrodder, still I S'pose at least you can open the bonnet. My former business partner bought an A2, on those shoe boxes you couldn't open the bonnet. The grill opened to dip the oil etc. back on the Japanese theme, It always appears they have different design departments working on different sides of the car with parts that could easily be made sym opp. bizarrely different. Brackets bolted to brackets have to be the best though.
Driver Power 2016 would disagree....

Spot the Merc, best scroll down.....

I always question polls, and the results.

For example, the top of the list shows one Tesla, two Renault and three Lexus. I would imagine that there aren't that many Tesla owners out there to create a good sample size, and the two Renault and three Lexus, tells me that the cars are so boring to drive that the owners can find time to fill in a survey telling us how brilliant their boring cars are.

Now I am not knocking Renault or Lexus, as I am sure that they do produce some good cars, but for me bragging on a Poll about how brilliant my car is is not as good as actually driving my car.

Even on this forum, we spend more time admiring each others cars than we do bragging about how special our own car is. VijayB is a recent example of someone telling how about his new pride and joy, and the rest of us commenting on his purchase. We all share the love of the marque.

That's not to say that we don't know the foibles of the marque. There are plenty of threads discussing issues with new and old Mercs, but we still love our cars just the same.

Now as to the Lexus, it looks all well a clean in that engine bay, but I pity the mechanics that have to remove those covers, storing them safely while working on an engine fault of some kind. Surely the bonnet itself is the engine cover. Why go for additional plastic? And what about drivers who prefer to see an actual engine under the bonnet? It doesn't look real. And what about engine fires? Surely adding extra plastic could cause issues, even if the plastic does nothing more than melt, it will coat all components in a layer of hardened plastic that will prove almost impossible to remove.

No, from a purist point of view I prefer to see the mechanics of the machine underneath the hood, and not to see additional coverings.

I don't like it.
I dont have a lot to shout about ,but she is clean, and i can see if things are leaking out .With covers on it like in the picture , any part could be leaking and could be falling off you would never know. .But i would love it..
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