ongoing engine issues, had STAR done

Discussion in 'Engine' started by donteus, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Aug 22, 2005
    C270 CDI
    Hi Y'all

    further to a few posts about rubbish and lumpy engine, I just took it to an Indy and got Star codes.

    first showed hundreds of stored codes (as I have been replacing some bits and repairing stuff)

    anyway, he got me a few issues after a reset:
    P0105-128: B28 pressure sensor. stated that this could be the problem with limp home mode, as it is shutting down the turbo etc.
    Injetor 1, value of 5.1mm, which is above the limit, and this is causing the lumpy tickover, and 'misfire' when running

    also pulled P2001 from the tranny. he did not seem too concerned about this one because I can still select different gears in the auto box when in limp home mode.

    also, flap valves are FUBAR on the inlet manifold, and there is a linkage or something hanging down underneath near cylinder 1. not gonna do this yet as it is a biggy. anyone got any thread links to this issue?

    so, quoted £325 for parts and labour to fix the first 2 items (mercedes recon injector) which seem reasonable for what it is. charging 1 hr labour.

    any thoughts? seem a good price?

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