Only 4 more posts and I'll be a 'Hardcore MB Enthusiast'

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Feb 3, 2015
Isle of Wight
C230K W202
That's pretty exciting for a Thursday evening. I'm guessing that OT posts don't count though...
They don't. I also wouldn't announce what you are doing because the mods MAY check out your posts and deduct some as obvious attempts to increase post count……..just saying, no allegations.
Good effort guys... Meanwhile Ive not reached the ability to send PMs

It won't take long. On the whole this is one of the friendliest forums I've ever been on. I used to run a 10,000 plus member forum and it was a bit of a nightmare.
Thanks John!

In all honesty this place has been massively therapeutic for me these past few weeks. I'm just getting over having surgery on my throat following thyroid cancer (no sympathy required!) and it's been great getting stuck-in here. My dog and my car have been my saviours.

One more and I'll hit 1k :)
How many posts does it take?
dan-mb said:
Ciaran 0-50 = new member 50-100=member 100 and your hardcore

Thanks always wondered that

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