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    So I’ve taken some photos of an area of my 2 month old vehicle where the paintwork is particularly bad with a chalky looking and obvious orange peel. I have been told that the photos that I have sent off are enough to take it to the local dealer and for them to take more photos, in order to send them to Mercedes headquarters to get the bumper area resprayed under warranty. Great news.

    However, there is consistent orange peel on many other panels but they are glossy and I wouldn’t have noticed them if I hadn't have now reaearched orange peel.

    I know that this is so common on new cars now, but how far do you think I can push it once I get to the dealership? Is it ok for me to ask them to inspect the whole car for possible polish (or remedy)?

    Thank you.
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    There is a far greater acceptance of orange peel these days as it is the inevitable consequence of the enforced use of water-based paints due to Health & Safety requirements. Couple this with forced drying to keep the production line up to speed and the paint doesn't get enough time to flatten before it sets. Orange peel is most prevalent on the vertical surfaces of the car where gravity isn't your friend. Obviously a cloudy finish either on or within the clearcoat is not acceptable and should be corrected under warranty. Your dealer is most likely to compare the finish on the rest of your car against other cars in his showroom and if the finish is markedly inferior then he will support your request for remedial work.

    I had specced my GLC in designo Hyacinth Red, a premium paint finish which attracted a £895 surcharge. The orange peel on the side panels was horrific in my book but no worse than on other models in the showroom. I couldn't live with it so on day 2 of ownership of my new £45k car I set about flattening the orange peel with an electric polisher and some really aggressive pads and compound. The polisher was in contact with the clearcoat for approximately 15 hours in total but all the effort paid off in spades and I was rewarded with an almost glass-like finish which often gets unsolicited compliments in car parks.
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    It's pretty disgraceful, but if MB play games, having it mopped and polished, as per Toobad's post, won't break the bank.

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