organised trips and booking for nurburgring

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Oct 22, 2014
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hello guys and girls. was looking into getting tickets for the Nurburgring, and spoke to someone who said that there were clubs and societies that if you join them, they book private days at the ring for their use only. he said it costs a little more than booking it yourself, but you end up going round 5 or 6 times in a day rather than waiting for 4 hours and doing it once. anyone know of any clubs that do this? do we have one ourselves that I just haven't found out about yet? I`d be grateful for any reasonable or helpful info, thanks :confused:
I just bought a ring-pass and off i went. I didn't have to wait 4 hours either! Go, eat in the cafe. watch some amazing super-cars turn up. Go to the track when you're ready.
simples!! :)
(PS make sure your brake fluid is fresh and your pads are good first!)

Or, you can book a race prepared suzuki swift and take that round...

you can spend the day driving around Spa for around £300?
I do the ring at least 3 times per year and never waited anywhere near 4 hours the only time you wait longer than normal us for accident clear up

You have to rest the car anyway so as above use the cafe or vans and enjoy

I've done at least 10 laps the same say if not more
Appears most of the days it's open this year for pay and go are in May. Seems closed much of this year

…if they're still allowed in that is. There was a dispute but I think they settled it. Both need the other really.

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