Original head unit for '03 C209?

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May 17, 2023
Many Saabs and an '03 CLK 240
Just picked up an '03 CLK240 Avantgarde and the previous owner has installed an aftermarket single DIN head unit which jars with me a little. A quick Google seems to indicate that originally it would have come with the Audio 10 unit with either cassette (Becker) or CD (Alpine?)

Can anyone confirm or add more info?

If the original units are OK I may go down that route or try to source something else a little more period.

Note: I do like cassettes ;)
I've since posted in another thread that I've now replaced the aftermarket unit with a refurbished MB Audio 10 cassette player. While doing the latest swap over I noticed another MB cable that would normally plug into the rear of the Audio 10 CD player and as far as Google is concerned is part of the factory/dealer AUX kit. There is no evidence of an AUX socket anywhere around the glovebox or dash. Did the optional AUX kit come pre-wired in this way? Part wired from the factory to ease installation and then extra bits fitted for £££ by the dealer? Does anyone remember?
I know my aux socket is in the glovebox( left side as you look into it)
And is yours CD?

No sign of that in mine. I'm guessing the cable to the head unit is there but the rest is optional.
Cd audio 20, I don’t know where I have seen it but there is a description somewhere of there being a connector under the door trim

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