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Dec 27, 2008
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A Ferrari driver’s mistake on a wet road in Japan has caused a massive car crash that involved 14 cars, including seven other Ferraris, three Mercedes and a Lamborghini.


The vehicles were being driven by a group of car enthusiasts from Kyushu to Hiroshima during wet weather on Sunday morning when the accident happened.

The pile-up was triggered when a Ferrari driver lost control while trying to overtake on a bend on China Road in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The driver reportedly hit the median, causing the other cars to smash into each other.

No people were seriously hurt in the accident but the damage to the cars was severe, with many believed to have been written off.
Ten men and a woman were taken to hospital with bruises and slight injuries.

Video of the aftermath shows the vehicles, some which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with missing panels and badly dented bodies and a trail of debris littering the highway.

The road was closed for six hours as crews worked to clean up the mess.

The cars involved appear to be multiple Ferrari F355s, F430s, an F360 and an F512, a Mercedes Benz CL600, a Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan Skyline and a Toyota Prius.

Supercar pile-up wipes out 14 cars

All-in-all, an expensive way of ridding the planet of a Prius...

Thankfully there were no serious injuries.
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Who cares about a few bits of bent metal ?

At least there were no reports of any casualties ......

PEOPLE are more important than things .
Unbelievable - how can such an accident happen!

14 exotic cars crashing into each other was hardly a coinincidence...they were traveling together. They were acting like t1ts, and when one had a problem at the front, there was nowhere to go.
Who cares about a few bits of bent metal ?

At least there were no reports of any casualties ......

PEOPLE are more important than things .

Is that what you said when people kept careering into your house/cars/etc? :p

PS: there were casualties, apparently - just not serious ones.
Read this on sky news - apparently over £2m worth of cars - including one MB.
I think I read someone was driving up the wrong way or something like that. Just wondering how comes so many super cars are together - must have been a rally or similar and I would suspect some speeding too.

What a waste..
Whoever caused this is really not going to be popular... The BBC reckon it was eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and three Mercedes with a combined value of £2m...

Also witnesses saying they were doing about 150kph. Not sure how insurance works over there, but I don't think it's going to end well for any of them!
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