outside temp and clock displays kaput!

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Dec 4, 2007
just outside wolverhampton
E320 CDI
on my 2001 E320CDi...

anybody know if these can be repaired?

are they LED's? several of the squares no longer light up, and now have no clock or outside temp guage.

really miss the clock!
The cluster can be removed and the bulbs changed. I am sure there is a "how to" somwhere.
Im not sure theres a dead pixel fix in the how to section ?
The cluster must be taken apart, and you will see ribbon cables joining into the displays. Where they join into the push fit socket they make a poor contact and it is a matter of packing out the connectors with small rubber or plastic wedges.

There are firms that do it for £100

Most home electronic gear has these cables, never in the thousands that I have taken apart have I ever had a bad connection on these , where the hell did the makers of these things get their parts from, it beggars belief:mad::mad::mad:
I guess it does not make the MB design any better but the early Nokia 5110 phones had a rubber membrane connector for the LCD. The material got harder over time and made it equally lose contact from the PCB to the LCD glass. It is also about the mechanical design to have a good and even pressure over the length of the rubber connector.

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