OZ Carlsson Split Rim 18 in Alloy Wheels

Discussion in 'Classifieds - Mercedes Parts' started by E55BOF, Jan 31, 2016.

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    They're on eBay, item number 141881395947 (completed a few days ago, but read on...). This is an abridged version of the ad text:

    "Off a 1994 SL500; 10mm spacers needed on the front come with them, so do centre caps. Front tyres are 245/40/18 (Michelin, Pirelli), rears 255/35/18 (Avon, Dunlop); all around 3 - 3.5 mm tread.

    Please be under no illusions; these wheels are in poor condition, and all require refurbishment - none hold pressure for more than a few days. I drove the car on them (with correct pressures) for a few miles when I first got it, and it felt OK, but that's all I can say. One has a damaged outer section (see pic), which looks as though it has been bashed from the inside, then heated and reshaped (ironically, this one holds pressure longest of the four...). Best to bid as if they were scrap, I think."

    I was VERY surprised at what they went up to. The winner's Paypal is up the spout, so he's refused to pay at all. I will relist them. However...I hadn't noticed, but the under-bidder has pointed out that the damaged outer rim section has a different edge profile to the other three; they're rolled, it is not. He's right; well spotted, that man.

    Anybody on here care to make an offer, before I relist them on eBay? I just want them gone...
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