P0244 error Code Turbo actuator.


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Sep 27, 2010
P0244 error Code: Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid A Circuit Range/Performance

Had this error coming and going on my 320 ML CDI for a long time, finally it went into limp mode and it looked like the turbo had had it. Took it to Mercedes in Angers France and was quoted around €4500 for a replacement turbo fitted :eek:

So loooked around the internet and found Turbo Rebuild https://www.turborebuild.co.uk/

Took the black cover off of the electronics on the turbo actuator and it smelled burned out and what looks like a blue capacitor at the bottom was kind of oily. So not too pleased at having to shell out €4500 i ordered a replacement electronic actuator. It arrived very quickly and looked brand new. I replaced the old one and all the problems have gone, no errors being thrown up no sudden stuttering of the engine when accelerating. I was lucky that it was obvious that it was burned out so if you decide to try this, check the linkage is moving freely, also apparently there are two pipes that are not easy to see going into the turbo itself, these can crack and cause the error code for the actuator to come up. So make sure its not these that are causing the problem. Over €4000 saved. Even for mercedes €4500 is a bit much for a replacement turbo.
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