P246397 Fault fixed

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Apr 2, 2023
e class coupe 250 cdi 2011
My 2011 e250 cdi went into limp mode last week.
I haven’t been on a long run in a while so thought it was that. Cleared the code P246397 and went for a run. After about 2 miles it stopped changing gears and was in limp mode again

Got home and plugged in the Autel AP200 to look at the dpf readings and looking at the list of regens it said “unable to complete due to low battery voltage.

I’ve known the batter was on its way out as it will go flat sooner that expected but it is the original Merc branded battery so it’s had a good innings.

New battery fitted , cleared codes and went for a drive with the Autel live data showing on the iPhone

Low and behold the dpf fill level which was at over 200% started dropping and the dpf temp sensor was at circa 700c

Kept driving. DPF level dropped to 120 then 80 and after about 25 mins on a long dual carriageway run it dropped to 0.3%. When the dpf temp dropped to 250 or so I was sure the regen had completed.

My local Merc indie had suggested they’d have to flush out the Dpf and it could be faulty turbos or other things. So glad that it did t need to go to that level of work

Very happy that it’s sorted again. Normally it’s only used on long runs but the last couple of months it’s just done short trips Lesson right there
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