Paint finish on cars

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Oct 20, 2008
2020 C200 Sport Premium Auto Saloon.
Could any of you folks enlighten me on the advantages or disadvantages of non-metallic and metallic paint finish, obviously apart from cost. Thanks.
Metallic finish makes the car look more classy, if you buy one which is not you may have a job selling it, it will be the first thing the person who comes to buy or trader notices and will remark on.
Modern cars are nearly always clear over base (a base coat of colour with lacquer on top) regardless of whether it's metallic or not .u r quite limited with colour choice with non metallics (red,black,white ) can't think of any non metallic blue or greens being used nowadays but there is no disadvantage of non metallic other than the variety of colours ,solid colours used to go flat easily (reds going pink etc) but that DNt happen 2 paint nowadays there's plenty of white mercs goin about of every model and they seem to sell like hot cakes so DNt think value would even come into it ?
Solids a bit cheaper to paint if you get a bump/scratch, flip colours a more than plain metallics to repair.

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