Painting my CLS 55 AMG Callipers

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Apr 5, 2008
Hi. I’m after a bit of advice. I’ve had to redo my rear brake lines as the pipes have corroded. While I’m there I’m renewing brake hoses and thought I would do the callipers in red as they needed a bit of tidying up.
I started with hammerite smooth and they came perfect, shiny and didn’t need lacquer. The thing is, I put new black decals and wanted to lacquer over them so they stay on and don’t come off, so I sprayed with lacquer, bad choice as the paint reacted badly so had to start again. I bought special paint and lacquer and this didn’t go to well. I’ve done many calliper painting before using hammerite, but as these didn’t need any decals, it wasn’t an issue.,
I have seen many that have been done. These were powder coated, calipers stripped, rebuilt etc. I haven’t got the time and the cost would be to much.

For anyone who has done this kind of job, is there a certain lacquer to use on hammerite, or has anyone put decals on without lacquering. Just some advice really.

My car has yellow Smoothrite painted calipers (yellow....but its on a red car Italian so looks right)....I put the Brembo decals on the lacquer. That was about 4 years ago and they still look fresh....albeit with a few chips from cack handed brake work and wheel removals!! Must get around to touching them in. :)
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