pairing and downloading address book to Command / iphone 4

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Mar 15, 2007

My new car has Command (ML164) and Viseoo kit?

I've managed to pair the phone to the car, but can I download the address book to the car so I can use the steering wheel controls.

I am being incredibly lazy as it may even mention it in the book but that's in the car and I'm inside sipping tea :)

If anyone can help with a simple guide that would be great.

Thank you
Once the phone is connected it should automatically download your contacts into the cars phone book, however these will only be available whilst the phone is connected. I am using the Viseeo MB-3000 and once connected it takes up to 30 seconds or more to load my contacts. I have a white light that flashes on my Viseeo to show that the contents are being uploaded. The phone will operate as soon as its connected, even whilst the transfer is in place.


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