Panama City, Panama (Latin America)

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Nov 6, 2003
Panama City, Panama

hi there! thanks for all the recent enquiries asking my whereabouts! at the moment im in Panama City, Panama! whilst all of you are wrapped up in layers and layers of clothes, here i am basking in a tropical haven! its a shame im going to be heading back to miserable Bolton, UK in 2 weeks time! life isnt fair!

a few facts!

- founded by colombus
- national language is Spanish
- Panama City, Panama is a 22hr flight from Manchester!
- there are no direct flights mine was from manchester! my flight from manchester went to madrid to miami then to panama city!
- the tempertaure here is always HOT! ALL year round! daytime temps are around 34C and night temps are about 27C. it is never cold! the dry season is between December and April, then for the rest of the year its the rain season.
- the currency of Panama is the United States Dollar
(making it a robust and stable economy)
- after Hong Kong, Panama is the largest free trade zone in the world situated in the city of Colon!
- after Switzerland, Panama has the largest number of banks in the world.
- The Panama Canal is wonder of the Wonders of thge World
- the tax rate here is a mere 5% compared to the UK's 17.5%
Panama has 3-million residents, 1 million live in the capital, Panama City another million in small towns, and another million in villages.

panama has two coasts, to the north of the country is the atlantic/carribean coast and to the south is the pacific coast

the carribean sea is crystal clear! the pacific sea is turqoiuse!

both are brilliant for swimming in!

at the far end of the country is Bocas Del Toro where both the UK and US 'Survivor' programmes were recorded!

the standard of living here is very good! most people earn less than £3000($5000)/annum but this is compensated by the extremely low living costs.

Petrol in Panama City costs 20p/litre!

whilst iv been here!
' ive had 10 shirts and 10 trousers ironed for £2.50 ($5)
- stayed in hotel accomodation where a hotel room for me and my girlfriend cost just £2.50 ($5) per night!
- stayed in lavish 20storey Intercontinental hotel for £60 ($100) per room per night, a nights stay in Holiday Inn, Panama City set me back £50/room
- taxi fares are approx £0.80 ($1.50) for up to a 6mile journey!
- iv bought a beach house here with open kitchen and dining and living area with 6 bedrooms all with air conditioning and a 20meter by 10 meter swimming pool with a basketball court and barbaccue aream as well as 4 shower cubicles outside, all for £80,000 ($145,000)! did i mention the beach is 20 second run from my beach house? he he! Playa Coronado!
- a joiner here will set you back £2.50 ($5)
- an electrician will set you back £1.20 ($2) per hour
- a builder will set you back £0.60 ($1) per hour
- fruit and veg are dirt cheap! bananas grown here are sent to our supermarkets in the UK! bananas cost 5p/lb!
oranges cost £0.60 ($1) for 50! OJ-galore!

people here prefer a BMW to a Mercedes, mainly because a BMW is slightly cheaper. a Merc is seen more of a luxury brand. a top of the range X5 4.4i will set you back £28,000 compared to UKs £44,000 a Merc C-Class about £15000.

the only major disadvantage of Panama is that its so far away from UK hence the flight costs is expensive between £400 and £700 rtn )Iberia and Continental)

but it really is heaven! go on see for yourself!

anyway enough said!

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