Pancake day Tues 16th Feb!!

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Sep 26, 2006
Just a reminder folks! I'm off to practice tossing!..;)
Whats your filling of choice. Im a peanut butter and jam sort of guy.
Lemon juice & sugar
Lemon juice & sugar .
Make the batter at least an hour before use and keep it in the fridge
I worked on a Crepe stall for 4 years not so long ago, Im a pancake Ninja.

Its all about Cheese N Ham, followed by the traditonal Lemon & sugar or Mapel Syrup.
All good combinations in my eyes except the pork mince. More of a sweet pancake guy then a savoury
raspberry vinegar :thumb:
I worked on a Crepe stall for 4 years not so long ago, Im a pancake Ninja..

Pancake ninja , i like that .... did you do the proper thing on the hotplate with the icing knife thing ? Props if you did , that looks hard.

Anyway ...

Good old lemon and sugar , but chuck some sultanas into the batter once you have put it in the pan !

The business !
Yeah, I worked in a busy bar with 2x hotplates, 2x pallets. 2 handed flipping into a cone shape.

The correct term was Crepe Ninja (which I was) Pancake Ninja doesnt rank as high :D
Am I the only person who seriously can't make something as simple as pancakes?!?
Haha, I will give that a go!
Put the batter in a jug - much easier to pour a controlled amount than to use a ladle

Any kind of liquer does not do any damage......:rock:
Pour over a large amount of Grand Marnier (orange liquer) onto the finished crepe and set alight. Extinguish. Enjoy. Repeat.

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