Panoramic nightmare!

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Jun 17, 2021
C63 Coupe
Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me….

I opened my panoramic roof last week on my w204 coupe for it to get stuck fully open. Mercedes took in the car and got back to me a week later (another story).

Anyway they’ve told me I need a new roof frame and quoted me £4500 for the pleasure. Luckily they’ve charged me just to get the roof closed and secure and said no to the above quote lol.

Anyone have any advice on who could repair or replace the roof please or have similar experiences? I’m in the midlands so garage recommendations appreciated!
Did they say why it needed a new complete frame? I'd quite like a 212 with a pan roof....stories like yours make me less keen!
They may have quoted for a full frame because the Roof is only available as an assembly.
This was the case 2 years ago when a friend had exact same on a Jaguar X351. Over a couple of weekends we bought a spare frame from ebay for 250 and grafted good parts in to it. We did have the help of the workshop manual. It was a nightmare with two of us in the car and the headliner was in there as well, compounded ny him living 90 miles away in Middlesboro.
We have repaired a few. Not seen one that needed a frame yet.
Well tbh the Mercedes garage didn’t fill me with confidence from start to finish. Had it a week and charged me for 1hrs labour so shows how much effort they bothered putting in.

It got stuck about 3/4’s back before going forward then all the way back. Gave me the feeling it went too far on the rail then got caught on something.
That doesn’t sound like fun but goes some way to explain the grease or oil all over the seats lol. Honestly, last time I go to that Mercedes dealership!
Jay at Mercland is a "Top Man".
I bought my present car from Mercland.
Agree, also bought an ML from Mercland
Do Mercland only do oil burners? They never seem to list any petrol cars.
Think it just reflects what’s around in the used market, am sure I’ve seen the occasional petrol model listed when I’ve been looking

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