panoramic sunroof interior noise/crackle

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May 13, 2023
c class coupe premium 2016 220d
HI, i have a C Class coupe premium 2016 220d. from inside the car, when driving there is a rattle/crackle coming from the roof. the only way to stop it, is to open the sunroof very very slightly. Now, yes i can do the slight crack - but i have to get it just right so that it doesnt make the noise.

A mechanic has put silcone spray on the seals, but that hasnt helped! i paid the main dealer a ridiculous amount of money to diagnose - they said 'play on the front suspension arm'. true there was play, so had that replaced (MOT due soon anyway) but it had no effect on the noise!!!!

is there something else i can do?

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