Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

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Jul 3, 2017
S211-320cdi | S203-180K

A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump).

As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle speeds. This car has regular steering option. Being used to American cars, i would prefer a light power steering feel, even at highway speed.

That said, i might want to purchase a Parameter gear, then manually feed the control signal to the steering gear for a max power steering.

If you know, please share
- does the Parameter-option gear has max assist without control signal (unplugged) or min?
- from the gear point of view, how is the assist level controlled: voltage change or square wave... low voltage = low assist level or vice versa?
- is there available the plug electrical pinout schema?


edit: sorry forgot to add model designation to the topic title
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