Parasitic battery drain CLC 220 CDI

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Oct 5, 2023
Newton abbot
Mercedes CLC 220 CDI
Hi I am new here. My mercedes CLC 220 CDI would develop a flat battery over 3-4 days, after long and short journeys. I had it checked by a auto electrician who had it for 2 days and confirm there was no problem, however there cleary was. So I bought a multimeter & started to check battery. After a few tests of the volts it was clear there was a drain. During the test after the car parked for an hour, I could hear a fine buzzing sound from behind the firewall. So I decided to unplug the CD changer in glove box ever time car was parked & power off. This really helped with the drain. After a few days with battery holding charge I decided to remove the bluetooth device from the centre armrest. This again helped even further with drain. I have now concluded the central command unit does not seem to be shutting down correctly. I feel have managed the problem but not fix the true problem. Any ideas please.
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