Parents picked up a new GLK350 4-matic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by golden1245, Oct 22, 2011.

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    She got this a few months back but since I just realized that yalls don't get this model in the UK, I wanted to do a quick write up on it.

    It takes a little getting use to, as far as looks. The front looks amazing, but the side makes it look a little like a station wagon.


    The front looks quite nice, chiseled and angular which gives it an aggressive look. Styling wise I think it looks much nicer than the new ML and GL, too bad it's also quite small and cramped on the inside.


    4-Matic works very well, even though this car will probably never go off road, it sticks to the pavement very when cornering and accelerating out of turns. The exhaust growl is very nice as well


    Here's another photo, sorry for the fake motion blur, I was just trying out some different editing techniques. The steering is a bit numb, the car rolls around the corners quite a bit and overall does not handle as well as an X3 or Audi Q5, but I must say, styling wise, the GLK takes the cake. Overall, it's a great little truck for some 50 year olds who don't really care as much about performance. The current X3 looks like a Toyota RAV-4, though it was incredibly fast due to the the 335i slotted in there.

    The Q5 handled the best out of the 3 but the interior was just god awful (we really hated the Audi's steering wheel, seats, layouts) though the exterior styling was very sleek, it was just very boring and did not have much high end power due to having the horsepower of a GTI in a 4000lbs car.


    The GLK is very peppy for an suv, does 0-60 in about 6.4 seconds, about 6.9 for the 4-matic. Power is seemless, once you get past the drive by wire hesitation initially. Fit and finish of the interior is spot on and much much better than the finish on the parents old ML320.

    Overall, the car is fantastic!
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    I like them

    Plenty in Europe I'm just not sure where it fits in as its ML money for something a bit smaller?

    ^ Well I guess you can get a GLK220Cdi which should be cheap..ish if you want. :)

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