Parking advice near Stansted

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Dec 8, 2004
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Hello peeps,

Me and the missus are flying to Athens from Stansted on the monring of the 12th Sept. We will driving down the night before and probably staying in Bishop's Stortford. What's the best plan for parking ? We will be away just over a week and these parking companies are charging £70 a week. I think this is outrageous just to park my missus' Fiesta. We have seen a guest house only 2 min walk from Bishop's Stortford train station and it's only then 10 mins to the Terminal at Stansted. We plan to stay at the B&B and then park the car on a side street in Bishop's Stortford. Is this possible or is it restricted parking everywhere there ? Any advice - I just don't want to shell out £70 for some scroat to dump the car somewhere.

See if the B&B will let you leave it there for a small charge...
Gary it looks like you've booked somewhere now but I use a chap called Andrew who lives less than 1 minute from the Stansted/M11 roundabout. I leave my car and he arranges a taxi at whatever time to take us straight to the terminal.Hes on ebay, search for Executive parking for Stansted Airport, andrew5771 is his user name.

Last time I used Stansted I one way hired a Focus [£40 each way] from Alamo - only hitch was the wait to collect at the airport on our way home.

Cheaper than a taxi, cheaper than parking for two weeks [sadly too much luggage for the train]
Last time I used Stansted my brother dropped me off but he does live near Cambridge :devil:

Funnily enough last time I used Gatwick my dad dropped me off, but he's only 40mins away on the south coast :devil:

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