Parking at Stansted Airport

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Feb 22, 2004
London E1
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Need to leave the car for 4 days.

Any suggestions on where to park. There are 'Meet & Greet' services, which are reasonable, but not sure I want to let them drive my car. Anyone used these services before?

We just used one of their pre-pay car parks and got the shuttle bus - works very very well. Just remember where you#ve parked so you get off at the right stop on your return!
Have dumped the Explorer, Skyline and the SLK in their standard mid (I think) or long stay car parks many times - never a problem.
The mid stay parking is pretty new there used to only be short and long stay. You can check out the prices on Long stay is a bit of a trek but not as bad a Heathrow. I'm not sure where the 'Meet & Greet' services are based. I live about 10 miles away.

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