Parking brake problem - cable snapped?

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Jan 9, 2024
Mercedes Benz E220

I have a 2015 e220, last night I pushed the parking brake too hard and I heard this snapping noise and parking brake lost tension. I read on the other thread that the cable can be checked inside this trap door under the rear seat. However it looked different for my car, I have attached a photo, could I ask is the small part in the middle the same trap door as the other models?


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Hello and welcome , not a particularity good photo you have posted if I am being honest , but as I have learned the 'trap door' thing seems to be very much different on all (cable) models .

Example : My 2006 S203 has an easily accessible trap door but I have worked on a 2006 W203 that had a trap door but it was hidden under sound insulation that had to be cut away before gaining access. i have no idea why 🤷‍♂️

Her is my C55 trap door

Trap door.JPG
Hi, thanks. Yes as you have that big trap door in the middle, I only have this small part which I don’t even know it can open or not. Could anyone suggest if it’s safe to open it?


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If the release handle has come loose chances are it's just the spring come off. Under the driver's side undo the three torx screws and gently move panel down. You will be able to see the following see attached pics. Pull the spring back and it pops back into place. It should be on the black plastic teardrop. You can see this one has moved out just pull it back


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Here's what it should look like


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Thanks, it’s not the release handle coming loose, I know how to fix that and I have done it a few times. This time the release handle still works, but the foot paddle doesn’t have any tension when pressing down, and I have to use my foot to pull it up when releasing it. I think there’s problems with the cable.
You mean this “door”? I am worried it’s not a door but holding something underneath.

Have booked it with the dealer now, which will cost me £99 just for diagnose😢


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Hm... I have the same problem there Harry. Happened today. Didn't get to it yet. It's on my W211 E280 CDI 3.2 R6 2004. A quick check under rear seat there is no center opening. I'm afraid that problem is under heat shield (under the car) at the cable adjuster...


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Hi there, I'll stick my tuppence worth in if that's OK?
The parking brake operates the same way on most models I think. However, Not all models have an access plate from above.
This would be central under the rear squab if its there. Any other plates will give access to other parts (such as Fuel pump/sender unit etc.) I had to overhaul the Parking brake on the coupe when I got it as it just wouldn't work properly.
I found the pivot point on the end of the cable was seized solid so when foot pedal was pressed, it was 'bending' the end of the cable round the stuck pivot and not pulling the lever properly. It wasn't helped by the return spring being broken in half (corrosion) either. After I freed everything off, cleaned & lubricated/greased I looked under the car & decided to make a cover plate to stop all the muck & water getting at the mechanism. It seems mad to me that Mercedes didn't do this from new? Anyway, now it all works fine with a reasonable chance of lasting a while!

I've stuck on a few pictures in case anyone wants to try it themselves

Merc Park Brake Fix.jpg

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