Parking sensors - no lights, beeps nothing

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Sep 5, 2017
Cl500 w216
Hi guys

My first post :)

Could someone please help me with my SL500 parking sensors. I brought the car from an old guy and it had a few problems which I’m sorting bit by bit.

The parking sensors don’t seen to work at all, no power to them, no lights nothing. The button by the gear selector does not light up either. Could someone point me on the right direction to what I need to test

Many thanks
There should be a fuse chart in one of the fuse boxes.
Hi there, cant seem to find any chart anywhere. Could someone please point me in the right direction.
Hi there, cant seem to find any chart anywhere. Could someone please point me in the right direction.
I found mine after someone advised me Mercedes put the chart under the spare wheel in the boot why they would put it there I do not know but there it was .
nope mine is missing :( could anyone tell the sensor locations for the parking sensor. I tired to do a search but cant seem to find anything about the whole system being off

^ The sensors are those 4 round things moulded into your front and rear bumper.
Do you have any lights on the internal display on the dash when you park up close and toggle the button by the gearshift?

Have a look at the fuse locations on this link and check Fuse 67 a 5amp fuse for the parktronic control unit. It sounds more likely that is the problem rather than all 8 sensors failing.

The fuse you are looking for is at the drivers side end of the dash. Just pull the cover off and look for the fuse.
You can also download a PDF with all the fuses for your car on that site.
Hi there

I have no lights or anything on both displays. Checked the fuse and it’s not blown . I have changed it to be on the safe side. Could it be the control module? Does anyone know where this is located and I can remove it to check.

Many thanks for your help

You really need to take the car to a Mercedes indy with STAR diagnostics for further investigation.
STAR should exactly the problem. Sorry I can't help further.

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