parktronic problem

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Jul 27, 2017
ML 350 CDI
Hi all,

I have W164 2010 and a month ago the parktronic went to 4 red lights. I have a icarsoft diagnostic which said one front and two rear sensors are gone (all at the same time!).
I bought 5 new bosch sensors, replaced the front one and all 4 rear ones and the error about the front sensor is gone, while the rears persisted. My next move was to buy the wiring harness for the rear sensors and replaced it. It didn't help - rear outer right and rear inner right are faulty or the connection is loose (something like that).
I have tried to switch the right and the left sensors and the errors remained the same - both rear rights!
At that point I decided the PDC Module is gone, so I bought another one from ebay, replaced it and guess what - exactly the same error. At this point the only piece that hasn't been replaced is the wiring between the PDC module and the sensors harness, but it goes under the carpet and I am kinda reluctant to dig into that..
My other guess is that the icarsoft is not good enough to clear these errors. However it managed to clear up the front sensor error.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Random idea, but did you try using electrical contact cleaner on the faulty sensors?
I did use contact cleaner spray literately on every single connection.
I expect there is an issue with the front loom. Did one in the week just the same.
We also see lots of broken looms - rubbed through on something when not perfectly assembled, or just got old. And we fully check looms before changing a PTS eco based on probability ...

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