Parrot Fiasco

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Aug 6, 2007
South Derbyshire
C250 CDI AMG Sport Plus Coupe
On the back of the Maple Trim thread, comes a more potentially nasty one for this sub forum.

I supplied my local Indie with -
  1. Parrot CK3100 Black
  2. Parrot Multican Adapter
  3. Parrot ISO Cable
All should have been straight forward.

The car went away on Friday, and was still being worked on during Saturday.

Upon reaching their unit, I found something was amiss as they were looking up fault codes.

I eventually found out that they had managed to "lock the cars computer up, but it was OK now!"

A tirade on my part, saw all the kit removed and the car put back as it was.

I also learned that the ISO adapter that was supposed to go into the back of my Audio 20 was a tad poor in terms of build quality.

Fast forward to today, and an authorised Parrot installer had similar problems.

It appears that both the "brain" of the CK3100 and the Multican kit have been compromised.

Using both parts the car does "strange things" e.g. the lights come on.

So I've asked them to replace the CK3100 "brain" with one of theirs that has been tested with the car, and works.

The multican has been pulled out of the install for now.

The car is in at MB Derby for some warranty work on Fri, so I'll get them to check the system over.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Any feedback appreciated.



With a new CK3100, and a reset Multican - all is now working.

What a cracking system!

Don't have the Multican (mine is too old), but do have the 3100, which I fitted myself. I think that its a great bit of kit.
Where did you both decide to fit the screen?

Any pics?
In the ashtray, as per R2D2's... :)
Mine was fitted by the dealer (well they got a local guy to do it) but they have put the CK3100 display on the top of the dash and it looks awful.

Anyway the car has to go back in to have the steering wheel control interface fitted shortly so I am going to get them to put the display in the ashtray at the same time. ;)

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