Part number needed or WIS scheme sketch

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Dave Richardson

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Oct 14, 2007
Plymstock Plymouth
W176 A class 180 cdi
I've just replaced the centre air vent in my 2002 CL203 with one that has illuminated dials.

The e bay seller had cut the cable just away from the plug that fits into the socket which is mounted to the air vent; there are two wires coming form the plug 1 wire is brown & the second blue with a grey trace.

I imagine the illumination wire will travel from the air vent down to the hazard light switch console but not sure.

Could some kind member post the wiring section from the EPG or WIS please ? :dk:

Without any other means I could just bodge it & run a cable down to the illuminated side of the 12v socket, but I hate bodges
Cant help with a diagram but brown is always earth on Mercs.
The wiring has changed from 06/2002 build date onwards. As above, the blue/grey wire is the power wire coming from the Z81 connector (downwards from the air-conditioning control unit, on the left.
Many thanks to both of you, I've asked Inchcape to identify the short length of loom & price.


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