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Apr 23, 2004
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Could someone with an EPC give me the part number and price for the loom for the illuminated sills for a w208 CLK please ?

It basically goes to two fuses in the fusebox , then down and across the car and to the earth on the door switch , it's only two wires , but i will need to order a new loom soon.

Thanks in advance

According to a well know electronic workshop manual the loom comes with the two sills

part # B66890026 @ £159.00 from Inchcape

The illuminating strip comes seperately

part # B66890016 (blue) @ £156.71 each!

I can't find the loom seperately....
This is bad news ....

As i have the two sills and the two strips , but had to leave the loom ....

Guess i'm gonna have to make one ....

Thanks anyway !
Try ringing the dealers, you never know!!

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