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Mar 26, 2022
South Yorkshire
C 320 CDI
Hi I know it`s allready proberly been asked but here goes
When I took car to Mercedes last week they informed me of a rusty exhaust clamp, so yesterday I ordered and picked one up fro Euro carpart`s .
so I think (silly me ) 5 min job , so jack car up and cutting disc the bolt on old one simple yep came off got new one and yep too big so go down to euro with old one after a lot of checking they dont have any this size ( 60mm ) so back home the odl one had 7 cracks in it so welded them new bolt put it back on works ok.
so on interweb searching phoned Mercedes they on back order from Germany 7 week delay`s
Contacted Grandaughters Fiance` who is Manager at one of Halfords auto centers he phoned around is contact`s no luck did say Mercedes Truck`s might have some in Did find Mercedes in Newcastle Have 1 on ebay for sale so I bought it.
There are 2 of these clamps any recommendations about where to get part`s from if Mercedes are having trouble

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