Partial heated rear window

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Aug 13, 2019
C220d Sport Premium Plus
The heated rear window de-mister on my car has never worked properly, the top 4 rows never seem to do anything even though the rest of the window clears. I'm guessing that there's a break somewhere that is stopping current getting to those elements so I'm wondering if it is possible to get them repaired, has anyone here ever done this?
I've tried the paint on electrical conductor stuff before.....pretty rubbish as it only lasted a week or so before it burnt through. I think replacement is the only real expensive choice if only a few lines are out. Often if its the top or bottom ones that are out its the dealers fault.....they love placing stickers in those locations....after a few years they look tatty and people peal them off.....along with bits of the heater element. So if you have a dealer sticker, either peel it of while its still new ...........or dont touch it ......ever!!!
On a lot of MBs the top element (or two) aren't for heating they're the FM aerial and so won't clear the bit of screen directly underneath. An auto electrician may have access to more esoteric repairs. I remember decades ago using adhesive copper track to repair printed circuit boards, maybe it still exists somewhere?
Whatever you do make sure that nobody smashes that window so you have to resort to your car insurance if it is covered, and you end up paying up to £100 excess

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