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Sep 10, 2008
A few weeks ago I noticed a lot of black smoke out of my car and quickly traced the problem to a split hose from the EGR valve. I bought a new one from the dealer, cleaned all the gunk out of the EGR valve and fitted the hose.

All was good until today when going up a gentle hill I heard a loud pop and lost a lot of power. It didn't go into limp mode but wouldn't pull at all. A quick check and it appeared that this hose had just popped of. I assumed I hadn't put it on properly but further investigation revealed that the rubber seal had come out of its seat.

Anyway, I pushed it back on and as I was closer to the dealer than home I went there. I reckoned the hose had disintegrated at the seal so I'm thinking I'll get a new one under warranty but I'm told that for them to claim the cost back from MB their mechanics have to replace it thenselves and they were too busy today, so I've booked it in for Tuesday.

The questions (eventually)
1. Has anyone else come across this situation with parts?
2. The engine light is now on - will they charge me for clearing the fault? I could do it myself if necessary.
3. I removed the hose when I got home and the problem is fairly obvious - the seals on the new hose aren't very tight. On the old hose (6 years) they are still flexible and quite hard to spin around and I can't pick them off. The new one at both ends can be pulled off with little effort and I believe this is what caused it to pop off.
4. I performed the modification to bypass the EGR valve. Will STAR pick this up?

I've put the old one back on with the split now taped up with gorilla tape.

As usual, any thoughts much appreciated.

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