Passenger side air vent access?

mr tibbs

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Jun 19, 2013
Desborough, Northants
S211 E320 Estate
Hi all. The passenger side air vent has seemingly fallen apart internally, it doesn't swivel around on the inner deflectors. The internal deflectors look to have dropped back from the front operating arm. Can anyone tell me how I can remove this to either sort it out or replace it please?



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Sep 6, 2012
W211 E55 AMG
There are 3x screws holding the vent in place.

1) Remove the wood trim piece that runs from the steering wheel to the door. Get a plastic wedge and lift the trim part that is closest to the steering wheel. Then slide the whole trim towards the door, there you will see the 1st screw

2) Remove the side plastic trim, this sits on the side of the dash. Get a wedge, look for a small gap and insert the wedge in order to lever the trim out, there you will see the 2nd screw

3) Remove the plastic vent piece (the piece that directs air to the window) that sit at the top of the vent, use a small screwdriver to lever it out. This piece conceals the 3rd screw

I have just replaced my drivers’ side vent so I am sure its very similar.

Also, buy new from MB, too many broken vents on eBay because breakers don’t know about that 3rd hidden screw, and colour matching is a pain in the butt to get right.

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