Passenger side (left hand side) headlight lens replacement

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Jul 17, 2023
United Kingdom
2017 E Class Estate
So there I was minding my own business driving along when a pigeon decided to headbutt my lefthand side headlight when I was doing around 50 ish mph. Little bugger made a near perfect round crack.

First thought was that'll be expensive for a new headlight assembly. But I then found reference to replacement lenses.

So my question to you all is does anyone have any recommendations as to where to get a new lens from. Either OEM or copy not particularly bothered either way. Pretty comfortable getting my heat gun and tools out to change it myself too.

Thanks in advance
After much searching and pricing various options up I went with a dealer supplied headlight which actually wasn't that much more than a second hand salvaged part. Just need to fit it now. Three bolts holding it in and I need to angle the grill away but there's a little bracket fixed to something that is in the way of taking the headlight out by the looks of it so I need to figure that out or admit defeat and take the unit to a local garage to pay them to scratch their hands changing it.

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