Patience is virtue - Count to ten.

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Nooooo, Bruce's day to day life is far too enjoyable for that.
Bruce, I'm afraid this may not give you comfort, but it took 11months, the ombudsman imposing a fine, threats of a like for like hire car and 8 different appointments to get an acceptable piece of glass fitted to the 129. You could be in for a long haul!
So 11 months is about 45 weeks so we could have 14 more instalments from Bruce before the correct screen finally goes in.

I need a very large popcorn bucket.
It is tempting to think "why me" but.... I just know I have done nothing in a previous or earlier life to upset these guys.

The moral of the tale here is surely. If it goes wrong on the first call? Bale out, run away and swap companies.

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Bruce, very patient, but you've also been pressing all the right buttons to make everything happen as it should after they keep continually letting you down. Since you have invested so much time and energy into sorting this out and this company is a big one, with a reputation to protect, then I'd keep on escalating up the chain, to the COO, Head of UK Sales or at a minimum their area Sales Director. If step escalation does not work, jump a few steps. I'd be fuming too!
An update.

I escalated my complaint (via email) to the Customer Services Director, simply stating the facts and the chronological order of events. He responded almost immediately and promised to investigate fully.

A slightly different, but believable, tale emerged. The glass had indeed been shipped to them, but had them promptly gone missing. Two new pieces were ordered directly from Pilkington. A new date (this morning @ 08:00) was agreed. In our telephone calls we discussed the fact that the glass was original (30 years old). So at 08:00am this morning they arrived and fitted a brand new Tailgate Glass (as ordered) and a brand new Windscreen (as a gesture of goodwill) They also swallowed the £75 excess on my insurance for the tailgate.

The chap who turned up to do the work, was one of their senior fitters. A nice and very knowledgeable chap, who took care and time, to do the job to perfection. On a 124 the front wiper mechanism has to be removed to replace the screen, so a bit of a faff. That gave me the opportunity to clean and grease the mechanism.

A great gesture from Autoglass here. One that I am most grateful for.

They tell me that they have looked at the entire process - end to end - and made changes?

The missing glass is still missing. But I am happy. Take bow Autoglass!!
Glad you are finally there in the end .

However , I am at a loss why it should take three weeks to source the glass from Germany .

When I needed a front screen for my R129 last year , AutoGlass / Auto Windscreens ( can't remember which , but the one my insurer pointed me to ) didn't have one in the UK and couldn't give me a timescale - with my MOT three weeks away , the insurer said if I got a quote from any other supplier they would consider .

When I went to my local MB dealer , they told me the screen was in stock in Germany and they could have it within 48 hours the only downside was I was going to have to pay the not inconsiderable cost upfront out of my own pocket then wait for my insurer to reimburse , in the end I found another supplier who was cheaper and also billed direct to my insurer

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