PAYING £££ for diagram or photos E CLASS W212

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Jul 20, 2020
e class
Hi all,
For over a year now iv been trying to find out some information on the passenager seat SRS yellow connector block. i have made a thread before but didnt get much information.
Basicly under the passenager seat there is a yellow block the two end connector detach but one center one is hard connected and part of the yellow plastic.
Mine has broken and disconnected those 4 wires.
i will attach a photo and also a link to my other tread which might explain it a little better.
But if anyone has a w212 E class 2014 im willing to pay money ether pay pal or direct bank transfer for some photo of ur harness under the same seat. nothing needs to be taken apart just a camera flash under the seat so i can see which colour wires go together.
For information the drivers seat has differnt colour wires i cant match it with those. So i need someone with the same model and year as mine.
Many thanks in advance.


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