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Jul 20, 2014
West Sussex
C209 CLK320
Second visit here, and more than happy, so felt I should post.

First visit was because I "felt" something was not quite right with the rear end of my car, despite others saying it seemed ok.
I went here because Olly seems to have a good reputation as somebody who knows about Mercs.
I went thinking I knew what was wrong, and Olly soon proved I was wrong, and the "weird" feeling, that only I seemed to have noticed (having raced, rallied numerous cars over many years) was something I would never have diagnosed.
This weekend I returned to have the work done, and I must say the car does feel more "surefooted" than it did, and I now feel safer "booting it" on wet roads.
The price was better than expected, and I even got decent coffee. The toilets are clean, and generally, it was a pleasant experience.
I always seem to meet new enthusiasts during my visit there, most who seem to travel many miles (myself included) to get the friendly, and expert service they want.
I know he was very busy planning his event next weekend, but he still had time for his customers (even if they do talk a lot, and try and pick his brain's etc)

I just wanted to say I have never yet heard a bad word about him, or his business, and will be using him again. I hope I will also be able to attend next weekend, as I have seen how much money/effort he has put into it.

I just think that good service should always be mentioned, as well as the bad. We mostly only read about bad.


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