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It seems to be back up again. But in case of further "parked " notices I will post this message from Pelican Parts?? just posted on the forum --seems they are under new ownership??? Important News regarding PeachParts... - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

Important News regarding PeachParts...
Hello everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the current owner, founder, and CEO of Pelican Parts (), and I am excited to announce to the PeachParts community that Pelican has just merged with PeachParts. Who is Pelican Parts? We're a leading online community-based resource and retailer for DIY enthusiasts, and our primary focus over the past 13 years has been the Porsche and BMW marques. We're just starting to branch out into the Mercedes world, and we thought who better to team up with than PeachParts? Bill Wood, Phil, Roy and all of the of the moderators here have done a marvelous job growing and nurturing the community with a lot of help from you guys and we're very excited to to be a part of your community and the tech site.

PeachParts and Pelican make a good match in my opinion. We're both companies that are laser-beam focused on the DIY enthusiast and their needs. Nearly everyone at Pelican is a hands-on car nut, and we're excited to dive into the Mercedes world with our coveralls on. We're working on a whole bunch of technical articles right now, and have some other project cars already lined up in our parking lot to start tearing apart! Like we do on the Porsche and BMW side of things, we're going to look to the community for help and guidance as we build upon the already-great site and enhance the technical library beyond its current level. Here’s a link to some sample articles we already have up for the Boxster:

Roy Hunter (Whunter) and Phil Reinhardt (FastLane Phil) are on board and are very excited to be joining the team with our Pelican people from the Porsche and BMW side of things. My head technical writer has already been collaborating with Roy on quite a few new technical articles, and we should hopefully have them up on the site in the near future. Bill Wood is going to be assisting us for a while, and then will be retiring to spend time with his family and his camera. He will be missed, but we like to think he has left PeachParts in good hands.

Just a little info about me - I'm a regular guy who loves to work on his cars, just like you guys. I've written quite a few how-to books on Porsches and BMWs and I started Pelican (in my garage a long time ago) to help out and assist people just like you and me. I'm a hands-on guy who works on his own cars, rebuilds his own engines, and does his own oil changes (okay, well the wife's minivan usually goes to JiffyLube). I'm relatively new to the world of Mercedes, so I'm going to hopefully be looking to all of you for expert answers in the future when we get stumped here. I'm on the Pelican forums all the time, posting and helping people with issues there - I love to get involved and help.

You might be thinking: "oh great, these guys think they know everything and will start making incredibly annoying and stupid changes on the forums." Let me assure you, that is not the plan. Pelican's forums () are very, very similar to PeachParts forums and we intend to keep them largely unchanged. There are a few features on the PeachParts forums that are really neat that we will probably port over to Pelican, and there are some cool features on Pelican that we will probably port to PeachParts. Nothing major, nothing earth-shattering, and I like to think we're smart enough to know that we need to get input and feedback from *everyone* prior to making major changes.

Finally, our Pelican forum members are a very valuable asset to us, and likewise you will be as well. We know great members are the key to a great community. We've got a brand new Mercedes catalog that we've been working on for a few years now - that's due to be released on the site hopefully within the next few months. It will combine several suppliers together, along with the full OEM database of Genuine parts. It *should* be the most comprehensive catalog out there - designed by DIY people for DIY owners who need the parts and information together. On top of that, we should have much lower prices than the current PeachParts catalog as well.

We're all very excited here about joining forces, and we hope to have your continued support as we grow the site into the future !


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