Penta standard wheel bolts and locking bolts.

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Jul 21, 2013
Mercedes E220: W126 500se; W124 260E
I would like to ask if anyone could answer two questions, please ?

[1] What is the standard length, thread pitch, etc. for a normal W126 wheel bolt that is used for the Mexican Hat and Penta alloy wheels.
I am trying to find a new set of bolts to replace the slightly grubby ones that are on my car at the moment, but looking at the different websites there is a big range of different sizes, thread pitches etc. etc. As I am nowhere near my car I can't just go out and remove a bolt and measure it, so I am hoping that someone may know the right andwer.

[2] I also want to buy a set of locking bolts for the same wheels, and again, there are all sorts of descriptions, sizes, etc. and I can't figure out which are the correct size.

I looked at McGard, which are the same as fitted to my E220, on the Demon Tweeks website, but you have to know the seat type, the thread pitch, the bolt length and God know what else to order a set.

There seem to be a couple of companies in the States, but again the length and seat type need to be stipulated.

Perhaps some-one might have a ready-made answer to these questions, before some-one nicks my wheels !!!! I would be most grateful for the correct information.

I found out that the correct size is, as Jaymanek says, is 12x1.5 and 29mm threaded length [shank I think it may be called. It is not the overall length of the bolt, just the threaded section.

I fitted 10mm hubcentric spacers and I required 12x1.5 and 39mm threaded length bolts.


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