Percussive Maintenance


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Jul 31, 2003
Dorset, UK
c36 AMG, z3 2.8, BMW 330D Touring.... Bike: Yamaha T/cat 600, Z1r {gxsr1100 mota}, CR500 Aii
This morning I drove to work with the most annoying rattle/squeak noise from the interior. At first I couldn't identify where it was coming from, but it was ultimately tracked to the passenger dash side. It was rattling when stationary with the engine running. I gave it a serious of increasing intensity whacking with a clenched fist. Result no sound. :bannana:

I continued my journey in triumphant bliss. :D

Subsequently I thought that maybe I could have set off the airbag with such brutish behaviour. Although this gave the intended result is this a wise method of fault finding. ;)

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