Permanent 12v + Pillar trim


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Nov 8, 2007
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I will when the bits arrive be installing a gps mileage logger to the Mercedes. I suspect it will pay for itself in very little time, just in making me record business trips that I forget....

The tracker sits on the dash (a small 5cm black oval), and connects to power. The suppliers suggest and provide a wire to plug into the OBDII - this won't work . They feel that a permanent power feed is better, due to reducing time to acquire. I assume that power draw must be very small.

I can provide power via the cigarette socket and a usb adapter.

My current plan is to take power off the 12v constant radio circuit via a fused cigarette lighter, hidden behind the dash. I'm going to add a switch so that I can switch off, when on holiday etc. Is this the best place to get feed?

Also I will need to remove the pillar trim - does this just pull off or are there other fixings?

I'll need to take the panel off below the steering wheel, but am hoping this will be obvious...

As ever advice appreciated....

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