Personal Breakdown Cover

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Always thought that this is what AA cover is - I know that the vehicle I'm in is covered, whether I'm driver or passenger. Not sure about RAC cover.
I know someone who has used GEM and it is a bit of a faf, but does work. The insured pays the recovery operator and then is reimbursed.

I have personal breakdown cover so both Mrs Dm and I are covered in any vehicle. That one works just as normal, phone the insurer, give them the details, they do the rest.
I can thoroughly recommend Britannia Rescue for this; the dragon and I are covered in/on any vehicle - handy if you have four bikes and two cars - and one nominated vehicle (No. 2 son's) is also covered for any driver, all at a very reaonable price.
We have personal RAC cover - as above, any car whether passenger or driver.
@E55BOF, have you actually had cause to call em out when you were a long way from home ? What was your experience of that ?
Iv never had breakdown cover, but its something iv often thought about, however iv heard some horror stories, & RAC seem to have a 'anything you need is extra sir' type of policies from what iv read.
Several times, for bikes, though never more than fifty miles from home. They employ contractors, not their own fleet, and the response times have varied, but have never been more than an hour - and that was in the Friday evening rush hour.

I've been with them, through the CSMA (I'm a civil servant), for donkeys' years. The cover costs me about £90 per annum, and includes recovery to my home or a garage of my choice. They score highly in Which? surveys as well. HTH

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