Petition to the FIA - for what it's worth

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Me too. Won't make the slightest bit of difference, I suspect, but feel better for having some outlet for barely controlled disgust!
Only way they'll even begin to change their ways is if people start voting with their feet. History is littered with companies/governments etc who took their customers for granted.

(I still signed the petition though)
My keyboard took quite a thumping as I typed my signature in! :mad:
My keyboard took quite a thumping as I typed my signature in! :mad:

I am still seething now, trying to tell myself it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

I don't know how Massa & Raikonnen live with the Ferrari politics, they come across as pretty decent guys - wouldn't sit too well with me I have to say. Now Schumacher's a different story.....;)
It's almost like giving Max Mosley a errr.....slap :eek: :crazy:
max mosley needs a spanking
Mine in also. I think Max has had quite enough of those (according to the recent case..!)
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signed, almost makes me feel like running a key down the next Ferrari I see. Childish I know and would not ever do it, but I am incensed with the powers in F1

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