PH Sunday Service @ Silverstone on 17 Feb 2013

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Lots of photo's with who's who please :thumb:.
All clear this end though there is some grit on the sides of the road a quick recon this morning gave the all clear this side of town.
Rash man, you will have to let us know next time you're in the area. I will see the rest of you chaps tmrw morning!!!


Hey Kash,

Really sorry to bail out. I was hoping they wouldn't grit after Friday's rain as it has been milder. But sure enough, they've been at it again :doh:
I'll definitely let you know when I'm up your way. I'm planning to meet up with Cliff on his turf abit more this year so I'll be around for sure :thumb:

In the meantime, check out the Beaulieu PH meet next Sunday.
I'm aiming to go, weather permitting.

Yours I think Greg? I saw you on the list and kept an eye out but didn't see you to say hello.



It was very cold and foggy in the morning. We didn't stay long either. Weather did change by the afternoon but was it me or were the roads around Silverstone hammered with pot holes everywhere...

Will look forward to the next one when it gets warmer, I assume this will be August chaps?

Brooklands was Spring like, no fog and coffee outside in the sun.
Brooklands was Spring like, no fog and coffee outside in the sun.

and you could feel the heat of the sun on your face .. bliss!

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