Phone is too quiet

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Jun 18, 2012
200SLK R171
Good evening.
As it says in the title, really. People I'm trying to talk to on the phone can only just hear me. Very annoying!
Setup is '04 SLK (R171) with Audio 50 APS plus Viseeo MB-3 connecting to iPhone-4S.
People on the other end of a call can hardly hear me despite turning up the mic volume to max (+15) on the Viseeo. I can't find a mic volume function on the Audio 50.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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Sorry can't give any practical help but I have the exact same issue in my E60 and a friend has the same in an Audi TT.

Seems bluetooth is the issue and it always gets worse at speed, albeit moderate.
Same here with my NTG2.5
I drove 150 miles today, pessimistic that I'd be able to have a phone conversation with anyone able to hear me. Promising weather so I set off at 05:30 with the roof down and a miracle happened. With the roof down my voice is perfectly audible!!!

Now we need someone who knows what they are talking about. But until they come along, my speculation is that the automatic gain and whatever prevents my phone sending back the sound of the voice of the person I'm talking to, is over attenuating the signal. With the roof down my voice disappears and there is no echo or feedback so it turns up the volume.

Maybe the answer in a tin-top car is to open all of the windows when trying to conduct a telephone conversation!
Worth a try, I now avoid answering any calls as they cannot here me.
I have tried different mic's, and the same thing happens.
Is there something in star that can turn it up?

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