Piano Black Plastic

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Mar 17, 2014
W205 C200 AMG Line Premium
Any recommendations for keeping the Piano Black console in a W205 looking good?
Yes. DON'T ever touch it unless you're wearing e-gloves.

Ant. :D
....a bit late for that.

My piano black is the same. It seems to scratch very easily as do most plastics and being black they show up. I have some perspex polish that contains an extremely fine abrasive that I will try when there is enough light to see what I'm doing.
Any black-tinted "Trim Wax" tinted stuff would work.

The black dye tends to make minor scratches less visible, and the finish has a pleasant slightly-slimy feel.

I think the bottle I have is Turtle Wax, but there's loads of makes around.
How do you live / treat your car ?
I say this because i dont keep any keys, coins etc,etc in these areas, so less chance of scratching the gloss trim, but thats up to you.
Plus i have stopped wearing nail extensions!!!!
It is very hard to use a polish to remove fine scratches in these areas as it usually gets in the gaps around swicthes etc, but my masking them off and with patience it can be done, just take your time.
Product wise i use Autosmart Tango - used in a dilute state it makes a great detailing spray and is ideal as a final wipe down on paintwork, or interior gloss plastics. Most car dealerships will use it at the end of the day to wipe down the cars that have accuired greasy fingerprints through the day.
I found this out by accident after cleaning a centre console that had fried chicken and chips grease all over it.
Removing the grease with G101 was easy, but it leaves streaks, a quick wipe down with the Tango and then buff dry with a lovely soft plush cloth and it was gleaming like new.
Use it all the time now.
I have what I think is 'black ash' in my E class. It's sort of piano black with a greyish wood fleck in it and scratches easily. I find T Cut works well followed by SRP and then a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth and household pledge gives it a slick and glossy finish. Just remember to mask up any other plastic or leather surfaces when using T Cut and SRP

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