Piano Black Scratches

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Nov 16, 2014
Mercedes C63
Hi All,

On my car, the piano black trim has some very light scratches.
What is good to remove them?

I found T-Cut to work pretty well on light scratches on my Black ash interior trim. If they are too deep for T-Cut, try a slightly courser cutting compound and then finish off with T-Cut. After that, I simply use Pledge to give it a nice slick feel and shiny lustre

I have lots of detailing stuff, mags 105 compound etc and SRP too. But worried if it will dull the shine etc???
A colour restorer of some kind is what I use
Chrome polish like Autosol can be awesome on wood, although I think 'Peek' works a bit better. Followed by normal car polish. Obviously don't get it on anything else.
Also works great on shiny/non textured plastics.

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